MedSignals® Pill Case/Monitor

Introducing the MedSignals® 
cellular-communicating pill
reminder and monitor

Introducing the first multi-drug mobile medminder! 
It enables anytime/anywhere user
support and remote monitoring of critical
pills. MedSignals® exclusively offers this
mobile health (mHealth) medminder
critical to instantly knowing the
user’s health status.
This mHealth model optionally offers
a large new Wedge base design that
holds more pills than expected (each bin
housing 70 aspirins, for example). These
palm-sized pill cases house 4 drugs in
separately-controlled compartments.
If you need to monitor more than 4 drugs,
2 or more devices can be combined.

Since 2008, the landline-communicating
MedSignals® was the telehealth field’s
leader. Now MedSignals® will
report dosing as soon as it happens withits embedded SIM card.

All reporting capability is generated by our world-class Adherence Engine™

Data are captured in a cloud-resident SmartCharts™ system that processes timely alerts and reports to designated care team when and how they want them --via email, text, fax, customized to electronic records connections, or automated phone calls.  

Users or caregivers select times of doses, instructions to be spoken aloud, and quantity to take – all with point-and-click ease on websites or manually on devices. Ease of use has become one of our strong advantages. 

Bi-lingual instructions are announced verbally when setting devices, offering English plus one other language. 

Once devices are set up, users must remember only 4 simple things: 

When the device is beeps or announces a bin to open, lift the compartment lid that is flashing and follow voiced instructions (bilingual) about how to take the pills.

Replenish pills when running low, pouring from the bottle bearing a color-coded dot that corresponds to the bin number (See red/1 dot that matches red/1 bin button in photo below)

Keep the device plugged to a power source. Cellular device batteries need recharging as often as cell phones. If the device is landline-based, it must rest in the cradle daily where it will automatically connect to power and the residential phone line.

The SmartCharts™ system displays pill times on detailed adherence charts.