The automatic way to monitor and
report your blood pressure

The VitalSignals® high-performance arm-cuff Blood Pressure Monitor boasts
exceptional accuracy. When paired with the MedSignals monitor/gateway,
hypertension readings appear along with when you took BP pills

It offers:

•  A large, easy-to-read LCD display.
•  Spoken reminders (in English or Spanish) of when to take blood pressure,
   via MedSignals’ audible cues.
•  Optional audible announcements of BP test results by the bilingual
   MedSignals® gateway.
•  Wireless transmissions from the monitor, sent securely to the user’s charts.
•  Integrated charts, showing BP and other vital signs along with medications
   monitored by MedSignals.

Shifting the effectiveness of
patient adherence
may have
a far greater impact
on the health
of the population than any
improvement in medical treatment."
The World Health Organization