Accurate and automated weight monitoring

The VitalSignals Precision Scale is the first affordable, highly accurate, high weight
capacity, wireless bathroom scale. The scale uses the most technically advanced
wireless communications to work automatically in conjunction with MedSignals,
providing audible weight readings, then forwarding readings to users’ files online.
Maximum weight is 440 pounds.

VitalSignals Precision Scale is best in class—hands down.

•  Spoken announcements when it’s time to weigh (in English or Spanish) via
    the MedSignals gateway.  
•  Optional bi-lingual verbal announcements of weight on your MedSignals device.
•  A fully integrated Bluetooth upload system to transmit readings effortlessly
    from the home to caregivers, doctors, or researchers in real time. No more
    scorecards or diaries to keep.  
•  All readings are on one SmartCharts page, showing weight integrated with other
    vital signs and medications, all reported via MedSignals gateway and medication
    monitoring device.

Increased use of a blood-thinning drug saves $600 million annually, because of the strokes it prevents.
(Matchar D, Samsa G)